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Legal seat: Via Capodivilla 13 - 80048 Sant'Anastasia (NA) Italy
Contact center: Via Stefano Brun 7 - 80142 Napoli (NA) Italy - Tel.: +39 081 5542006

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workshop / 1h / age 6-18

​The eruption that destroyed Pompeii relived "live" thanks to video footage of volcanic eruptions around the world. A video-narrated workshop enriched by manipulating the volcanic products wich struck Pompeii. A didactic operator will describe the various phases of the eruption interacting with the students and anticipating the contents of the explanatory videos organized in two minutes clips. Thanks to the  clips, it will also be possible to "see" the fate of some Pompeii citizens filmed in sometimes tragic contexts, sometimes ironic even during the terrific eruption

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